A photo of me, drinking a beer, very much like the 'Lazy College Senior' meme

Oh, Hello! 👋

I'm Rob, nice to meet you.

For the last six years I've worked at Google on our news products in Search. My current focus is on improved query understanding. You can find my resume here.

I'm a proud member of Alphabet Workers Union (AWU-CWA), where I previously served as the chapter coordinator for New York City. I'm also a member of NYC-DSA. I believe these are two important vehicles for leaving our workplaces, society, and world a little bit better off than we've found them.

I graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Science from Tufts University in Somerville, MA. Before that, I grew up on Long Island, NY, where I attended public school.

Music is my main extracurricular obsession. Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria, and The Contortionist are a few of my favorite bands; according to Spotify my favorite genre in 2020 was djent. I started collecting records in college and have somewhere around 100 in my collection now. My current musical focus is improving as a guitarist, but I also grew up playing bass guitar, and on occasion mess around with Ableton Live.

I like to game, but don't always find the time to do it consistently. Right now, I'm planning on playing through Tunic, the Dark Souls trilogy, and Halo Infinite. My biggest gaming achievements would be beating Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and Demon's Souls.

I live in New York City with my partner, and hope to add a puppy into the mix whenever we have a bit more space. 🐶